IT Outsourcing: Trading in Your IT Tech For an IT Team

The company IT tech—easily identified by their frantic expressions, rumpled hair, and dodgy way they get their thermos of coffee before vanishing back to their desk, hoping that no one sees them. This IT tech is so swamped with IT problems, server errors, and needy employees that being able to get him on the phone is a triumph in itself—now you just have to wait until next June for your problem to become a priority.

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Or perhaps your company has the other IT tech—you know, the one that calmly condescends to attempt to speak English with you as you ask him or her a question about a problem with your system. Immaculate, and apparently all-knowing….but never seems to get problems fixed, or, even if he does, your staff are too afraid to call him and simply ‘live with’ some issues.

IT Outsourcing:

We have a team of over a dozen IT engineers. Many of them have years of experience and study under their belts, and each has his or her own areas of additional expertise. And the services and skills of all of our staff are available to you as a replacement for your own swamped and ineffective IT tech. Take a moment to consider our methods and compare them to your current IT support.

We use a business-oriented approach to IT:

IT people tend to speak their own language. Bits, bytes, and lots of large words describing hardware, software, functions, and configuration. However, for many businesspeople, it’s frustrating to attempt to decipher what that tech person is really saying. At Packet Drivers, we work to talk in language you can understand and approach your IT in a way that makes you feel confident in our work.

PacketDrivers will work with you to establish an IT system that will support your specific business needs. Eliminate the extra work, maintenance, and costs, and simply focus on what your business needs to function effectively. At PacketDrivers, this is one of our top priorities when we begin working with you.

We are prompt:

We are available 24/7 for Critical Emergencies. Many of our services are actually performed after hours so that your business hours are not interrupted with any IT disruptions. Our staff has pagers, making them available for every IT crisis. And when something goes wrong, rather than just one IT tech manning the helm, we call in the crew to help sort things out.

IT problems are handled promptly. No days of waiting. No wondering if your IT ticket got lost.

We communicate:

When you call us, rather than feeling like you’re a humble layman approaching the master of technology, you will feel like you are talking to your neighbor, or your coworker – whoever it is that talks to you in plain English and treats you like a normal, intelligent human being.

Our team knows that, while we have terms and words that might be the ‘correct’ verbiage, you won’t understand when we use those while talking to you. Because of this, we either explain things in your ‘language’, or we take the time to teach you some of ours.

We also believe that frequent communication is key to keeping a business running smoothly. We send regular detailed reports, and have our IT Manager (vCIO) available for consistent meetings. We want to keep you in the loop, and hear how you think we’re doing as your IT resource.

We stay up to date:

Rather than getting stuck in a rut using old methods or technology, we consider it our goal to stay on top of cutting edge IT methodology and configuration. We research it, analyze it, and then determine whether or not it will help your business. If so, we’ll approach you in one of our frequent meetings with suggestions for improvements.

Everybody likes being ahead of the technology game. We do. We want you to be, too.


We fix problems:

We don’t like duct-tape jobs. We don’t approve of bandaids on systems problems. We feel that a recurring problem isn’t fixed unless we understand why it happened and have worked to not only fix the issue, but also to find a way to prevent it from happening again.

Too many IT techs simply try to stop the leaks in a faulty pipe. We replace the pipe.

We protect you:

Whether it’s setting up security systems in your email to prevent your inbox from being swamped in a sea of SPAM, viruses, worms, and email-borne malware, or whether we’re setting up bullet-proof firewalls around your critical-mission data, or whether we’re giving you triple backup for your business data – protecting your company is our top priority.

You shouldn’t feel like a soldier trying to hide your business from enemy troops. Your business should be a fortress, unimpressed by the paltry attacks of internet hackers and viruses.

We help you:

Rather than looking to you to decide about what mobile devices would be best for your travelling employees, we help you make that decision. Rather than following behind your choices regarding IT support and your business, we walk alongside you providing tips and input on decisions that can streamline IT services, systems, and software.

When you’re confused about which smartphone to purchase, we actually answer our phones and actually give you advice.

If you’re unsure about an area of software, rather than smothering you with a load of training videos or how-to docs pulled from the internet, we will remote access in and walk you through the steps.

We have time for you. We want to help you grow.

We strategize for the future:

It doesn’t do any good to implement a fix today that will need to be improved tomorrow. Why not establish a system that will address today’s and tomorrow’s needs simultaneously? Ultimately, in order to enable consistent business production with minimal IT issues, this is the approach that you need.

IT Customer Care:

We won’t dodge you on our way to the cafe, or put our phones on silent when you call. When you talk to us, you’ll discover that we are real people that use a normal vocabulary that you can understand. We don’t wait around to fix issues when they arise—we actively work to prevent them in the first place. If they do occur, we don’t just put a bandaid on the issue. We fix it so that it won’t keep happening.

Not only that, we view it as our responsibility and privilege to give your staff training on their systems and technology. We have time to do that—because we have an efficient team that has time to devote to you and your goals.

Instead of worrying about your software, you can worry about growing your business. Contact us today and put your IT worries to the roadside.